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Track and field athletes who throw shot puts, the hammer, discus or javelin might not realize there’s a simple warm-up protocol that could increase their performance. Consider the findings of a study published in the Journal of Strength and Condition Research that put this practice to the test during national level competition.
At 3 different events, a dozen shot putters, 8 hammer throwers, 9 discus throwers and 3 javelin throwers performed 3 sets of maximal countermovement jumps lasting just over a minute before their second, fourth and sixth attempts. Mean throwing performance improved an average of 2.6% after the jumps. All but 2 of these subjects increased the distance of their best performance. Results tended to be better for the discus and javelin throwers than athletes throwing heavier objects.


Four years of college football can shape a player into something bigger and better than he was when arriving at that first training camp. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research illustrates the body composition changes of 57 Division I players as measured each March.
On average, body fat percentage decreased 1.3% while players built up 6.2 pounds of lean mass in the course of one year. Over 4 years, body weight increased by an average of 14.5 pounds including 9.4 pounds of muscle. These patterns were similar for both linemen and other positions.

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